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Solution Design & Implementation

Streamline processess and automation

Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) Implementations

Turn key solutions for your business problems

Website & Mobile App Development

All of our websites & apps are cross device compatible

Managed Service Provider

Dependable defined set of day-to-day managed services

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Automate, Optimize & Modrenize
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Collaborative & Connected Solutions

Software tools alone don't just solve your business problems


Streamlined Processes & Workflows

Our unique approach of integrating various processes and systems can reduce manual work, eleminate duplicate efforts, and improve overall efficiency. This leads towards cost savings, faster decision making, enhanced customer experience and can make your business agile and adaptable to the ever changing world.


Softwares Mapped to Processes

Softwares work best when they are properly mapped to your unique business processes. Our unique approach towards software implementations ensures that they are implemented on top of your refined business processes to provide you with a competitive edge in market by improving better collaboration, error reductions, efficiency and productivity.


Agile Based Software Development

With our proprietary agile based software development methodology ensures increased employee input, responsive custuomer feedback, faster fixes and solutions, cross-fuctional collaboration, better risk management, increased room to pivot and experiment, decentralized communication focus on relationship and clearer path to success.


365 Days Support

If you fail to grab the attention of your website visitors within 59 seconds, they will simply click back button and land on your competitors’ website. We have over 15 years of experience in the art of persuation. Choose one of our packages below to make a serious blow on your competition.

Custom, Intutive & Strategic Solutions

Solutions mapped to future

Well Researched Content

Linked Integration to Business Outcome

Data and Process needs to flow seamlessly between systems to ensure the targetted business outcome.

Free consultation

Free 360° Consultation

We work like your partner through and through and make sure that you understand each and every step we take.


Mobile, Web & Desktop Application Development

Customer centric apps and websites which acutally solve the problem.

Google friendly design

Google & People Friendly Design

Research proves that around 75% of people will judge your business based on your web design and we get it right!

FREE Consultation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions we frequently get from our clients

Can we do the migration of mail boxes to cloud?

Absolutely, we can migrate on-prem (exchange) mailboxes to Office 365, Google Mail or similar mail provider.

Can we turn a monolith to a microservices solution?

Yes, we have over 10 years of experience in modrenizing monoliths to a streamlined event driven microservices solution.

What approach do we take to implement COTS solutions?

We take a standardize approach by analyzing software requirements, select a COTS solution, evaluate and implement and then maintain / upgrade.

What kind of services do we provide under managed services?

We mainly provide cybersecurity, helpdesk & support, network monitoring, program management and regular reporting to make sure we are always aligned with business.

Do you provide branding services?

We provide social media branding for Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for now.

Can you integrate a custom software app with COTS?

Certainly but only if the COTS solution provide options for API integration or webhooks.